Lgv1 is a research-based biotech company

LGV1 is a spin-off of the University of Salerno, Italy, with the intent of compressing morbidity and delay whole body frailty in the population at risk by transferring genetic determinants of healthy longevity. To this purpose, LGV1 have built a strong intellectual property around the use in therapy of a Longevity Associated Variant-LAV  in BPIFB4 gene for the treatment of major diseases of aging. LAV-BPIFB4 AAV therapy have been successful  in  improving  eNOS actvity, endothelial function and re-vascularization (Villa et al 2015, Circulation Research), in blocking atherosclerosis progression and in  increasing macrophages M2/M1 ratio in APOE-/- mice (Puca et al. 2019, European Heart Journal), in improving cardiac and endothelial function in diabetic mice (Xu et al 2021, European Journal of heart Failure), in blocking progression of Huntington Disease (Ciaglia et al. 2020, Cell Death & Disease) and in rejuvenating vessels, immune system and heart (Ciaglia et al. 2022, Cell Death & Disease; Cattaneo et al 2023, Cardiovascular Research). We propose to build a platform for the use of LAV-BPIFB4 therapy in cardiovascular, diabetic  and neurodegenerative diseases. Possible roots of administration are AAV gene therapy trough vein and recombinant protein trough oral administration.

Lgv1 is your partner to develop innovative biotechnologies having potential industrial applications.